Edwin Shell

Edwin Shell is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and longtime all around musician. Edwin brings the heartbeat of the Whiskey's Alibi sound with his bass guitar, but also switches it up from time to time with his acoustic and/or electric guitar. Jason and Edwin also bring a little extra with the occasional mandolin and lap steel guitar.

Edwin was born in Hyden, Kentucky, he spent his early years listening and learning to play bluegrass and country music with my family. Edwin received his first guitar for Christmas when he was 5, from that day forward he was hooked. In junior high he discovered heavy metal and spent several years playing in various bands. In his late teen years he returned to his roots and started playing and writing country music again. Edwin had a local band in Idaho with his brother and best friend Mike, they played any gig they could get just for the opportunity to play and let people hear their music. As time went on and everyone in the band experienced life changes Edwin left the group and took a job as a bass player for a band out of Canada. He played with that band for 5 years performing at bars, casinos, fairs and music festivals throughout the United States and Canada.

Being an entrepreneur Edwin left the group in 1997 and formed his own group and hit the road, it was at this point that he realized how much he did not know about the business part of the music business. The band lived through every bad experience that you hear about life on the road…broke down vehicles, bad management, shady booking agents, infested hotel rooms and bad middle of the night gas station food!
Today Edwin is working on my latest original studio album with Whiskey's Alibi and has found a home for his talent with a group of guys that are in it with him 100%.

Whiskey's Alibi