Bass guitar for Whiskey's Alibi: Mr. Edwin Shell

Nonconformist County/Rock...

 We all enjoy music so much differently than our parents did, we do not stick to one sound, one genre. Look at your phone, what artists have you downloaded the last couple years? Chances are it is a mix and that those that think they know you may be confused by what they find. WA played a rodeo this last year and for fun they threw in a little Gin and Juice, those cowboys/cowgirls loved it, they were singing along, dancing, and looking at the four WA members like they had just rearranged the stars. They did in a way because they acknowledge/understand and the support the era where it is ok to like it all, to sound like it all. That is who they are. WA's sound is a strong collection of all the different influences we all grew up with and enjoy today.  They respect and honor the mastery of artists such as Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, to days country with Chris Stapleton, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Kenney Chesney, Kane Brown, Cody Johnson and then have the talent to kick it up and represent music like Seven Mary Three and Collective Soul, Blackberry Smoke, Aerosmith, Drake White, Sublime, Ed Sheeran, Def Leppard, Kid Rock, Snow Patrol, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Reckless Kelly. Then for thrill or maybe balance they toss in the sounds of 2 Pac and Dr. Dre.  Seriously y'all, when was the last time you saw a Wyoming cowboy sing like Chris LeDoux and then toss his hat backwards and get the house pumpin with a little Gin and Juice?  Whiskey's Alibi represents your music playlist, and you would be crazy to miss their next show! .

Whiskey's Alibi has played on the Main Stage at Cheyenne Frontier Days,  the Greeley Stampede, opened for top artists like Dylan Scott. Whiskey's Alibi is a Honky Tonk Bar favorite throughout the Midwest. The Cowboy in Laramie Wyoming (where the band's Poke Pride runs deep), the Boot Grill in Loveland Colorado, The Zbar in South Dakota, the Sundance Steak House in Ft. Collins are just a couple of the major establishments that rock Whiskey's Alibi music loud and proud.  

Whiskey's Alibi is nothing short of a family, comprised of brothers Jason and Christopher Coonts, along with lifelong friends Jason McMillan,  and Edwin Shell.

Jason  Coonts is one of the lead vocalists, playing both lead and rhythm guitar in addition to the occasional mandolin, banjo, and lap steel. If it has strings attached he can make it sing. And this man can sing! With his deep sexy voice Coonts gets people on their feet screaming when he covers such songs as 'Nobody to Blame.' And while he enjoys covering some of today's music, pure magic can be found in the music he has written and recorded. To read more about Jason Coonts please click on the link below to his personal bio.  

Edwin Shell is the other lead vocalist in the group. Edwin brings the funk and the heartbeat to the Whishey's Alibi sound with his bass.  His voice is a turn ladies, he sounds like Ed Sheeran and can make you feel like he is singing just for you! This man has traveled the nation entertaining fans for many years. He is not only incredibly musical, but his dry sense of humor keeps fans engaged and entertains his band brothers.

Christopher Coonts could be one of the nation's best drummers. Christopher handles the percussion like a steed behind what he calls Fort Kickass, and he is not bad to look at either ladies.... Christopher is often the favorite of fans with his musical flare and humor, he really does ensure the party goers dance all night long  with the great toe tapping, dance beats, which is exactly what their fans have come to expect from Whiskey's Alibi.

Jason McMillan  adds the back bone to the sound with his rhythm guitar and back up vocals. Jason is probably one of the more unique characters of the band, a shy, sweet man until you place a guitar in his hands and put him out front to dance with the ladies. Jason is always the crowd favorite with his impressive upbeat dance moves, humorous antics, and crowd interactions.

 These four  members are in synch both personally and musically and those who come to their shows notice that they not only make great music together, but have a whole lot of fun doing it. Whiskey's Alibi appeals to a wide range of music lovers.

We believe in God, Family, The 2nd Amendment, and Rocky Mountain Country Music.

Join us for a show and don't worry, if anything gets out of hand, we'll be your Alibi!!

Thank you for visiting and God Bless!!

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Get to know Jason Coonts, lead signer for Whiskey's Alibi

Meet the Drummer for Whiskey's Alibi: Mr. Christopher Coonts.

Back up vocals and guitar for Whiskey's Alibi: Mr. Jason McMillan.