October 6th              Bark and Wine (Black Dog Animal Rescue)                          8pm -12am  

                                            Radisson Cheyenne WY.

October 13th            The Boot Grill                                                                                    9pm-1am

                                           Loveland, CO.

November 24th        The Boot Grill                                                                                   9am-1am

                                           Loveland, CO.

November 25th        The Old 49er (Annual Biker Toy Run)                                    2pm-12am          

                                           Wheatland, WY.

December 16th        The Top Hat Arena                                                                          8pm-12pm

                                               Wheatland, WY.

December 22nd       The Boot Grill                                                                                   9am-1am

                                           Loveland, WY.

December 31st        The Old 49er                                                                                       9pm-1am                                             

                                          Wheatland, WY.

January 12th             Private Party

February 10th         The Boot Grill                                                                                     9pm - 1am

                                           Loveland, CO.

March 2nd & 3rd   The Sundance Steak House                                                           9pm-1am

                                                Ft. Collins, CO.

March 17th              Angler's                                                                                                 8pm - 12 am

                                                 Glendo WY.                 

April 14th                The Boot Grill                                                                                       9pm - 1am

                                         Loveland, CO.

May 12th                 The Boot Grill                                                                                       9pm - 1am

                                        Loveland, CO. 

May 26th & 27th  Admiral's Cove                                                                                      9pm - 1am

                                       Lymone NE.

June 9th                 The Boot                                                                                                  9pm - 1 am

                                      Loveland, CO.

June 15th               FE Warren Air Force Base Father's Day Car show                 

                                       Cheyenne, WY.

August 11th            Admiral's Cove                                                                                     9pm - 1am

                                        Lymone, NE.

September 15th  Hero Appreciation Day                                                                       10am - 2pm

                                        Cheyenne, WY VA MEDICAL CENTER FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!




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