Find Your Alibi

             Tour 2017

                               2018 Tour Dates

December 31st        The Old 49er                                                                                       9pm-1am                                             

                                          Wheatland, WY.

January 12th             Private Party

February 10th         The Boot Grill                                                                                     9pm - 1am

                                           Loveland, CO.

March 2nd & 3rd   The Sundance Steak House                                                           9pm-1am

                                                Ft. Collins, CO.

March 17th              Angler's                                                                                                 8pm - 12 am

                                                 Glendo WY.                 

April 14th                The Boot Grill                                                                                       9pm - 1am

                                         Loveland, CO.

April 27th/28th    The Knotty Pine

                                                    Pine Bluffs, WY.

May 12th                 The Boot Grill                                                                                       9pm - 1am

                                        Loveland, CO. 

May 26th & 27th  Admiral's Cove                                                                                      9pm - 1am

                                       Lymone NE.

June 9th                 The Boot                                                                                                  9pm - 1 am

                                      Loveland, CO.

June 15th               David Street Station                                                                            8pm

                                       Casper, WY.

June 16th              Huskey's                                                                                                   7pm

                                      Pierce, CO.

July 7th                 Glendo Outside Party

July 13th               Rawlins Main Street Concert

July 21st               LaSalle Days Concert

August 3rd/4th The Knotty Pine

August 11th            Admiral's Cove                                                                                     9pm - 1am

                                        Lymone, NE.

August 18th         Private Party

September 15th  Hero Appreciation Day                                                                       10am - 2pm

                                        Cheyenne, WY VA MEDICAL CENTER FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

September 29    Private Party